Biodex develops technology for advancing patient progress addressing the weak or balance deficient. Rehabilitation technology to address neuromuscular evaluation, therapeutic exercise, gait training and range of motion difficulties in patients suffering from Strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury, Orthopedic and Vestibular.

Hot Labs

Typical Ra-223 Hot Lab

NEW - Recommended equipment for alpha emitter therapy needs.

Typical Mobile PET Hot Lab

Products designed for PET Hot Labs with limited space. Equipment is tough enough to withstand the rigors of a mobile environment.

Typical PET Hot Lab

Outfit your PET Hot Lab with equipment that provides additional shielding needed for high energy nuclides such as 511 keV.

Typical Nuclear Hot Lab

A recommended product selection for the nuclear hot lab designed with convenience and safety in mind.

Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture

Lead-Lined Refrigerator

Designed for storage and refrigeration of radiopharmaceuticals, tagged biologicals and other radioactive materials.

Lead-Lined Storage Safe

Conveniently loaded from the front, this Storage Safe is ideal for storing large quantities of high activity radioisotopes

Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure

Designed for applications that require handling gaseous radioactive materials.

Lead-Lined Phantom Cabinet

Stores flood sources and phantoms on their ends.

Lead-Lined Radioisotope Storage Cabinet

Designed for safely storing radioactive materials.

Lead-Lined Unit Dose Cabinet

Designed for hot labs with limited space.

Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure

Designed for applications that require handling gaseous radioactive materials.

Lead-Lined Sink and Waste Cabinet

Performs three functions.

Lead-Lined Decay Cabinet

Designed for long and short term storage of decaying radioactive material.

Lead-Lined PET Unit Dose Cabinet

Designed for PET hot labs with limited space, the PET Unit Dose Cabinet provides a space-efficient work area over a fully shielded storage cabinet.

Lead-Lined Generator and Storage Cabinet

Provides hot lab radiation protection without hampering the elution process.

Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure Base Cabinet

Designed to support the Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure.

Personal Radiation Protection

Clear-Lead™ Mobile Nuclear Medicine Barrier

Protection against patient-emitting radiation, a must have for every nuclear medicine department.

Sof-Skin Coat Apron

Protection from harmful radiation.

Lead Glass Goggles

Designed to reduce radiation exposure to the eyes, these lead glass goggles are framed with soft, pliable vinyl and held on the head securely by an adjustable strap.

Figleaf Gonad Shields

The Figleaf Gonad Shields effectively protect female reproductive organs during pelvic radiography, angiography and fluoroscopy.


Fillable Point Marker Source

Marker sources are easily filled with the same radionuclide to be used in imaging procedures.

RadLite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Sources

Cobalt-57 flood sources are used to test the response uniformity of gamma cameras.

Rectangular Featherlite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Source

Improve quality control with superior camera calibration

Rod Source

To calibrate well type scintillation crystals. Available individually or as a set.

Dose Calibrator Syringe Reference Sources

These sources are used for the daily calibration of your dose calibrator to ensure accurate and reproducible instrument response.

Dose Calibrator Vial Reference Sources

Calibration of your dose calibrator is easily achieved and maintained by the use of long-lived reference sources.

Pen Point Marker Sources

The Pen Point Marker Source contains Co-57 at the end of a 5.0" aluminum rod.

Spot Marker Sources

Spot Marker Sources are used for the purpose of orientation while performing a camera study.

Check Source

Instrument functionality is easily assessed with a Cs-137 Check Source.

Liver Marker/Ruler

The Liver/Marker Ruler is designed to mark, outline and measure the liver while performing routine studies.